I’m a “stay-at-home-mom”, who is not particularly fond of the title… maybe I shall change it to “zoologist”.  I pride myself on my ability to pick up the same things (i.e. stray food droppings, toys, dirty dishes, drink spills, dirty clothes, etc)  over 50 times a day without going stark raving mad (just semi-mad).  I have been with my husband and best friend for 23 years and we have 4 children.  My oldest is my 16-year-old son.  Then I have 3 daughters, one who is 12 and another who is 8 and my youngest is 5.  After 7 years of studying Aerospace Engineering at various universities, I dropped out of college one semester before graduation, so that I could be a SAHM.  I don’t regret this, most days, because I think I would’ve been miserable in a cubicle.  I prefer my little monkey house, but I do miss adult interaction.  Being a SAHM isn’t all that bad, I just don’t like the mundane housekeeping duties that come with the position.  After the birth of my youngest child, I suffered a setback in my health and I’ve recently started chronicalling my issues with having an “unrecognizable” illness AKA Lyme’s Disease.  With my youngest starting kindergarten this year, I’ve also worked hard to start a little business called EV Modern Baby where I sell handmade children’s fashion and accessories on Etsy.


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